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Credit cards for women with less than perfect credit

Every women at some point in their life need a credit card. It does not matter with your age, situation, gender, martial status. Women with good credit ratings can easily get a credit card, but even if you do not have a good credit or no credit, you will be able to get one credit card. There are so many women out there who have gone through or are going through a rough phase in their life like a divorce, or other means of financial devastation, but still they are able to use a credit card according to their means.

Many credit card companies offer secured as well as unsecured credit cards to women with bad credit or no credit. When you get a secured credit card, the bank will open an interest bearing savings account in your name and then they will give you a certain credit limit against the funds deposited in your savings account. Keep making the payments in time otherwise the bank will use the funds in your savings account to adjust the any outstanding balance.

When you get an unsecured credit card, you don’t need to have a savings account and deposit funds as a security. The credit card company will charge high interest rates and other associated fees on unsecured credit offered to you. Make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of the credit card company before accpeting any credit card offer.

  • There are five top credit cards for women with less than perfect credit:

First Premier Unsecured Visa or Mastercard – These credit cards are available in both mastercard and visa. First Premier offers unsecured lines of credit with lower monthly payments that will easily fit to your budget. They will also offer you a variety of credit lines and status to fit to your present requirements at lower interest rates. These cards are the good for women with less than perfect credit.

Centennial Unsecured Visa or Mastercard – These credit cards are offered at lower interest rates and below the average fees so that any woman with less than perfect credit finds it affordable.

Orchard Bank Secured Visa or Mastercard – Orchard Bank offers a variety of secured credit card programs. With the help of these cards, rebuilding credit has never been tough. You will be able to open an interest bearing savings account and use credit against the funds in your savings account. Your credit will get as good as you want it to be.

Orchard Bank Unsecured Major Credit Card – Orchard Bank offers a wide range of unsecured credit card programs for women with any kind of credit history. They will work with you to find your ideal credit card. They charge low interest rates and nominal fees and these basic features makes this credit card company quite famous among the women.

Aspire Visa Unsecured Credit Card – Aspire credit card offers low monthly payments, low annual fees combined with a higher than average credit line for initial cardholders. This card is also quite popular among all women with less than perfect credit.