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Common relationship between bank failures and private money lenders

Due to the recent economic crisis, there has been a tremendous greed and competition to attract more customers between different banks and the lending institutions. This can be a great opportunity for the new homeowners to make a good investment.

While credit from the bank has dried up, there are so many private money lenders who are looking for some opportunities to invest their money. In today’s market of economic crisis, real estate can generate extra ordinary returns for the investor and their private lenders.

The simple reason is buyers who are backed by their money lenders can literally name their price. They can avail deep discounts of 20% to 40% of the market value. The investors can further sell that house to the homeowners at a great discount and still make hefty profits.

Wouldn’t it be exciting if you knew the secrets of getting private money from anyone? How to get money from Friends, family, private investors, funds?


For family and friends, their consideration is influenced by their investing experience with CD’s or the stock market. So, for private investors who are friends or family, consider offering returns of 10% or higher. On the other hand, private lenders of high net worth (like angel investors) regularly look for investments with much higher returns. To be at all interested, they would expect returns of 15% or higher.

Wouldn’t it be even better, if you could borrow private money without having to make regular interest payments? Then consider offering instead of interest, an equity share-a percent of the profits. And if the private lender does want regular payments, you can use mixed funding. That is, offer low monthly interest payments supplemented with an “equity kicker”. So the investor can supplement his yield by receiving a share of the profits.