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Be careful while applying for a credit card

You can use your credit card at the best when you are a lot careful and know how to make best financial decisions. Credit card is like an asset. You can use the credit cards during certain emergency situations when you don’t have the cash to pay for it. That’s what the credit cards are meant for, but if you don’t pay the full balance within the due dates, credit card companies will charge high interests and fees on the balance carried to next month.

Making a credit card application is an important decision. You need to very thoughtful about how you are going to use your credit card and whether or not you can use it sparingly and adequately. Having a credit card has its sets of advantages and disadvantages.

  • The advantages of performing credit card applications are as follows:

It is a lot better to have credit card in hand than carrying a wallet with cash. Besides, you can always fall short of money when you are making any purchase. You don’t have such worries when you are having a credit card with you and in case, if you really need cash, there are convenient ways of getting the cash when you need it.

Credit cards provide a sense of added security. You will never fall in a rough spot while making a purchase with your credit card. There is also a protection against any unscrupulous seller by withholding payment.

Almost all credit card companies give you more than 15 days to pay the due balance. You can take it to a maximum of 45 days before paying the due balance. So, purchase on a credit card can also be termed as a short term and interest free loan.

When you are traveling, having a credit card is like a relief and it can be godsend in case any kind of emergency situation arises when you don’t have the required cash.

  • The Disadvantages of credit card applications:

There are certain disadvantages of performing credit card applications. You need to be a lot careful to make the best use of your credit card otherwise you may fall into some serious debt trap in quick time.

Don’t apply for a credit card with a very high limit. There are many people who will use the high balance very impulsively and it will be difficult to pay back the entire balance. Not to forget these credit cards come with highest interest rates and fees.

Your credit scores will be seriously hurt if you are not able to pay your balances in time. If you are using multiple credit cards, the consequences will be worse when applying for new credit.

When you are filling the credit card applications forms, be sure to read the terms and conditions on the fine print. You may find that fees and interests are much more than what you thought in the beginning.

When filling out the credit card application form, read the whole application process. You need to make double check with the credit card company that there are no hidden fees or interest rates that were intentionally not mentioned in the application form. You need to keep in mind that if you can pay off the full balance in time, you will make the best use of your credit card and that’s the way to use it completely free of cost.