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Student Loan Wage Garnishment

It is very delicate to skip the payment of your student loan, because the penalty on this particular loan is very heavy and severe. The government may disqualify for any kind of refund or benefit you might be entitled for. There are benefits such as Social Security and Social Security disability, however if you fail to pay the student loan payment then you might not enjoy the benefits not only this if the government thinks you may be sued. The government can also take a portion of your pay check.

Among all this, the common thing is that when the government takes away a portion of your pay check. The government has the authority to take at least 20% of your pay check. However there are options when dealing with this kind of wages, well it depends on how you make the payments whether you are delinquent or in default. However the government would assume you as in default if you have not made the payment for at least nine months then the entire loan amount becomes payable immediately.

Most of the time the borrowers end up on a default status. There are other terms and condition which you need to follow for nine months if not then the lenders would declare you in default. Once you miss the first payment the delinquency period starts then. However even the lenders has to follow some guidelines like if you miss the first payment then the lender has to notify you by sending a letter within first 15 days and then they must let you know about the student loan law. The student loan law is available in the federal office. The federal office of education also helps in settling the dispute and other problems with the student loans.

Once you are considered to be in default, then you come under the scrutiny of wages on your pay check if you are employed. Now the circumstances are against you however if in any case you feel it is unfair then you can straight away write a letter or you can contact the student loan collection agency and work out a payment plan. The best thing would be that you go ahead and meet the student loan agency because many a times you don’t get response of your letter, as we discussed the payment plan you need to make this payment as per the discussion with the agency that could be 12 to 15 months and you need to stick to it.