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Car maintenance can reduce the unwanted bills

If you are doing a little maintenance on your car, it will go the long way. There are simple things to do which might increase the life of your car and save money on gas and other unwanted bills.

These days, longevity is the key factor. If you have a car loan, you will want the car to run for as long as possible so that you can get the best value of your money. You can extend the life of your car by proper driving, performing simple maintenance on a regular basis and this will also improve the gas mileage and save your money at the pump.

Follow the simple driving tips to increase the life of your car. This will save thousands of dollars just in repairs.

When you turn on the ignition, make sure that all the electronics, heating and cooling systems are turned off. Otherwise, it will put a lot of stress on the engine and makes it work extra hard. This will reduce the life of the car and you might have to spend up to $500 in repair.

Don’t run your car on the gas at the lowest level of the tank. When you drive with your tank less than one quarter, you are inviting that dirt collected at the bottom of the tank to mix with the fuel. Ultimately, you will need to replace the fuel injector.

  • How to maintain your car properly?

In order to keep your car in a good driving condition, you should always change the oil, keep the proper amount of air in the tires, and have your wheels occasionally rotated. Here are a few ways that will increase the life of your car and improve the gas mileage.

Change oil and filter every 3000 miles, even if the owner’s manual doesn’t call for it.
Do a regular tuning of the car. It will save your money in gas up to 30%
Replace or clean the air filter each month. Dirty car will make the car run less efficiently and reduce gas mileage up to 10%
Make sure that the tires have optimum pressure. You will have to change the tires if they are over or under inflated.

Since you are making the monthly payments on your car loan, you will want to drive the car in the long run or at least till the final payment. A proper maintenance will give you more benefits like fewer stops at the gas pump and you will feel happy driving the car.