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Title loan Missouri Repossession laws

Title loansImportant facts you must know before defaulting your loan payment.

People with bad credit and having their own vehicle may sometimes rely on title loans when they are in financial crisis. Before putting your vehicle as collateral, you must think about the consequences in case if you fail to pay back the loan. As per the Missouri laws, lender has the right to repossess and sell your vehicle if you fail to pay back the loan. But there are specific rules that the lender has to abide before starting the repossession process.

Missouri title loan companies are regulated by the Division of Finance. The repossession process can only be started when the loan is 10 days past due. So a late payment that is only 5 days past due cannot start the repossession process and the lender cannot threat about it.

When the loan is 10 days past due, the lender needs to send a notice of “Notice of Default and Right to cure”.  In this notice, the payment that is due is mentioned along with the deadline to make the payment. It also has the warning that failure to make the payment will start the repossession process.

According the Missouri laws, the deadline to make the payment has to be a minimum of 20 days. This will give time to the borrowers to cure the default, even after the loan is 10 days past due. Thus, in total Missouri residents get 30 days to make the payment after the loan is past due. This is a considerable amount of time as compared to other states.

title loans MissouriDuring the loan tenure, if a borrower is late for the second time in making the payment, the lender has to wait for 10 days again before sending the “Notice of Default and Right to cure”. This notice will have the same information like the first notice and 20 days grace period. This notice will have an additional warning. This warning clearly states that if the borrower is late for the third time, he will not receive a notice again, nor will they be entitled to “cure the default”.

If the loan payment is not made within the grace period, the lender has the right to repossess the vehicle.  He has to send a notice to the borrower and inform about their intention to sell the vehicle and give at least 10 days to the borrower to repay the loan in full and take back the vehicle.

Lenders are allowed to keep the profits after the sale of the vehicle in order to recover the unpaid loan balance and other financing expenses. Title loans Missouri companies can also use the proceeds from the sale to recover their repossession costs, or any other expenses associated with the vehicle.

According to the Missouri laws, if the lender makes excess money after the sale of the vehicle, they are required to “return the excess funds to the customer.” Conversely, if there is any deficit after the sale of the vehicle, the borrower has to pay the difference amount and the lenders are allowed to charge interest on it.

Why do you need to keep your credit scores in good shape?

Credit-Score-slabsWhenever I use my business card, many people ask me why I am so worried about your credit scores. This question is usually followed up by a statement and 3 rebuttal questions: Do you have enough money like $300,000 in cash to buy a home? Can you a buy a new car worth $30,000 in cash? Can you pay $3000 in cash for your son’s or daughter’s studies without giving a second thought on it?

Many people will answer NO to these questions because they don’t have millions and millions of dollars available in their checking account. The answer to these questions can be yes only if your credit score is in good shape.

Nowadays, almost every bank and financial institutions will check your credit scores before granting any new credit. Your credit score also plays a vital role when you are looking for good job opportunities. Even the landlord, insurance companies, cell phone companies, utility companies will check your credit worthiness before getting into any kind of business relationship.

Credit Score

All these things prove that your credit worthiness is the most important component of your entire financial portfolio. Credit bureaus are managing billions and billions of consumers’ reports. So there are high chances of errors and inaccuracies getting reported on the credit reports. Make sure that you check report once every six months for any inaccurate negative items that might be hurting your credit scores.

Before applying for a credit card or personal loan, it is important that you have your credit history in good standing. If the credit score is above 750, you can easily get favorable interest rates and credit lines. This will be a big savings in interests in the entire lifetime. Hence it is important to care about your credit scores throughout your life.

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