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Why Office Design Matters (And Will Continue To)

What creates the first impression with a client (before you get the chance too) is your office space. Before they listen to your brilliant product, they see where you work from. The question to ask here is that what type of impression is getting created.

The client, along with interacting with you and the employees, will also absorb the office space along with the furnishings, the paintings on the wall, and the way it’s been structured and designed.

Talking about employees, they’re spending a good chunk of their day working from the office. Is it inspiring enough? Does it convey what the organization stands for? Does it have an identity of its own?

These question, although tough, must be answered. Mainly because the answers go a long way in establishing identity and impression of the organization in a stakeholder’s head.

We think office design matters a lot. And here’s our top 3 reasons why:

1) The way you design an office tells about your vision

Office design is more than just about where to place the furniture or what painting will go on the wall. It’s about what the organization stands for, and where is it going. It’s about what sort of culture a particular organization wants to set.

The fact of the matter is that everything in your office including that small table will add to the ambiance of the place and what your business stands for. The right design, believe it or not, has the power to express your vision for the organization in a way that’s accurate and amazing.

2) The office design influences Employees Directly

In this growing economy, many people actually end up spending more hours in the office than at home. So for them to continuously work for the organization, it’s crucial to provide a set-up that’s both productive and inspiring. The right office chair type might sound like a frivolous topic to discuss, but it’s not. Someone’s going to sit on that for long hours and if you want him/her to give their best — the chair better be comfortable for sitting.

3) Color matters. More than you think it does.

According to some credible psychology researchers, the colors have a direct impact on an employee’s productivity and how performs a task. As an instance — it is believed that shades of blue and green enhance the performance while performing any work. On the other hand, red is said to improve attention to detail. These are not just hypothesis. There are actually top companies (Google, Microsoft, Facebook) who’re using the sensibilities of color to drive a particular type of behavior.


On the whole, interior designing of an office is a crucial decision that’ll affect all the stakeholders either positively or negatively. So if you work with professional interior designers like the one at — you’ll benefit immensely in both the short and the long term.