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Qualities to Look For When Hiring a Company Secretary in Singapore

When looking to appoint a competent corporate secretary, new business owners often struggle with finding the right fit for their unique legal and governance needs. We have compiled below four essential qualities that are must-haves for an experienced company secretary.

Sound knowledge of the legal and taxation system

A competent company secretary is well-versed in the country’s corporate legal framework as well as taxation laws. However, a seasoned professional will have knowledge that goes beyond his or her core competency, in this case the Companies Act. They will have sound knowledge of the other important laws and regulations that impact the formation, incorporation and day-to-day operations of a company. This is essential, given the dynamic environment of modern-day business, which often brings up situations that are outside of the scope of the Singapore Companies Act. A knowledgeable company secretary will know how to tackle those situations.

Thorough understanding of financial matters

While the core job of a corporate secretary is to ensure legal compliance, today’s business owners are more and more looking for individuals who are not only super-efficient in the role of a company secretary, but who can also guide them in taking big financial decisions.

This does not mean that a corporate secretary needs to handle dual responsibilities—it simply means that they have enough knowledge of finance to be able to provide valuable inputs in financial decisions that will have legal implications.

If you’re looking for good corporate secretarial services in Singapore, we recommend hiring a reputed consultancy that offers the whole gamut of corporate services in a package customized for your unique business needs.

Exceptional communication and networking skills

In Singapore’s global business environment, corporate secretaries can no longer afford to be shy of public dealing and networking. With scores of multinationals setting up local offices in Singapore each year, the modern-day company secretary needs to be proficient in public and intraorganizational communication.

A company secretary is the company’s representative to the government, a position that involves dealing with senior government officials, investors and funding partners, among others. And most of their interactions within the company are with senior management—CEO, directors, shareholders and heads of departments. This requires sound interpersonal as well as networking and liaising skills.

The ability to articulate issues, the skill to deal with challenging situations tactfully and the ability to negotiate like a pro are some of the underrated qualities of successful corporate secretaries.

Independent decision making

Whether outsourced or in-house, the position of a company secretary is one that requires the ability and confidence to take independent decisions that are in the best interest of the company and that are in compliance with local rules and regulations. An eye for detail and the ability to foresee potential noncompliance or conflicts of interest are integral to the role. These skills are honed with years of experience, and therefore it is important for a business to recruit a corporate secretary who has the requisite experience and capability to take on such an important job.