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Raising funds for a non profit organization

In any community, there are a number of organizations which are termed as non-profit organizations. Their main idea is to help people without making profit. These non profit organizations go through a number of legal loops to acquire the status of a non-profit defined in 501(c) (3). Non profit organizations have governing boards that makes them different from a profit making organization. These governing boards receive no remuneration, but still provide governance and fiscal oversight to the operation.

A non profit organization serves the needy people and the services are provided to the individuals in the community at no cost. Therefore, these types of organizations play an integral part of any community.

These days, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of non profit organizations. Although there are number advantages of having large number of such organizations, there are a few specific disadvantages also. The major disadvantage is the limited funds in any community and the non profit organizations must compete for the same limited charitable dollar.

Therefore, it becomes important for the non profit organizations to raise funds more strategically to ensure their survival and meet the needs of the common people. Funds can be raised through specific steps like include the formation of a development committee, development training and a comprehensive development plan.

  • Formation of a Development Committee:

This community includes a group of individuals and it comprises of members from the board as well as non board members. In order to raise funds efficiently, the development committee should have members who have different talents and resources to the mix. There this group can either be a mix of people who are rich or should know some sources who are rich, so that funds can be brought into the community.

Marketing and public relations is an important aspect to deliver the not for profit message to the community and enhance the financial support. Therefore individuals who have marketing or media experience could serve on the development committee or if not, work with the community and provide important leads.

  • Development Training:

Individual training and having the necessary tools is very important for the success of any assigned task. Therefore development staff and volunteers should be adequately trained in the development procedures to accomplish strategic fundraising. Many seminars are conducted for the non profit organizations to enhance their fundraising capabilities. Just in case, if there is no money set aside in the budget, then a possible suggestion of development training can be requested from a non-competing non profit organization.

  • Comprehensive Strategic Fundraising Plan:

Planning has to be very comprehensive in the non profit organization for a successful strategic fundraising. This means that every stream of revenue be explored and maximum amount of money can be brought into the organization. This will help in fulfilling the not for profit’s mission statement. Different streams of revenue that can be fed into a successful strategic fundraising plan are major gifts, grants, participation in United Way, corporate gifts, special events, gifts-in-kind and mail appeal.