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Get out of debt

If your total debt repayments exceed 20% of your income after paying mortgage or rent, then you may be in a serious financial problem and you need immediate help. There are different ways by which you can take care of the existing situation and become debt free.

To get out of debts caused by excessive credit card usage or unexpected expenses, consider the following alternatives.

  • You may seek credit counseling
  • You can opt for a do it yourself method.
  • You can enroll in some online debt consolidation program
  • Or consider filing bankruptcy.

Many people think that credit counseling works on the same principals like debt consolidation or debt management program, but actually it is much more than that. Credit counseling is about educating consumers, making informed decisions, do a proper planning of your future keeping your present situation in mind. Putting everything under one umbrella, you get a perfect debt relief program.

The DIY or “Do it yourself” is a self designed program where you negotiate with your creditors on your own, paying off the debts with the highest interest rates first. Many people get a second job to have an extra source of income and contribute towards paying existing debts. While this may certainly be the most effective step to boost your credit ratings, one requires a lot of strong will and self discipline to follow this approach to the completion.

When you enroll in an online debt consolidation program, you are able to combine all your existing debts under one repayment plan with your creditors through the debt consolidation company. The basic advantage of this type of program is that your debt consolidation company will be able to reduce the interest rates with your creditors and set up a lower repayment plan. You make one monthly payment to the debt consolidation company and they disburse the payment to all your creditors in the program. When you are enrolled in the online debt consolidation plan, make sure that you do everything to stick to the repayment plan set by the debt consolidation company. Just in case, if you miss a single payment, your creditors will no chance and they will raise the interest rates back to where it was. You should be mentally set up before opting for this debt relief program. Otherwise the next best option will be to go the debt settlement route or file for bankruptcy.