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Information on buying Gold

With so many uncertainties in the market, whenever it comes to buying gold, people are looking for a traditional value store where it will be easier to protect their investment and savings against inflation. The price of gold is fixed twice a day by the five members of the London Gold Pool, making it far less prone to the effects of a fluctuating global market. Read the tips mentioned below when you are looking to buy gold.

In UK, gold is subject to capital gains tax. This means that when you are reselling your gold, you will have to pay taxes on the profit earned by you.

Dealers in UK typically deal in gold bars from 1 ounce to 100 ounces. There are some companies like Baird & Co. have 2.5g bars available. It is very difficult to find a gold coin. If you want to purchase gold more than £5000, then you have to show your passport and two utility bills proving your citizenship and residential address.

Many people think that stockpiling jewelry can be an easy alternative to buying gold. The fact is, each piece of jewelery includes the price of craftsmanship, handling and transport. Therefore, buying jewelery is not a good investment option. The metal mixed with gold won’t be that pure enough like an investment-grade gold. Old English pieces can be easily sold in the antiques market for their collectors value rather than their gold value.

A huge part of the gold investment is done on the internet. You can make the payment through the gateway and the purchased gold will be delivered to your home address by courier. You can also opt to keep the gold with the company, for a fee, just to make sure that your gold is safe. You can store gold at your home, but keep in mind, that you will have to bear additional costs, like insurance.

You will find many Gold Brokers in your locality and they will be a lot more trustworthy than an internet company. Also, check with your bank for locker facilities, at a very small price.

Other gold related investment options are exchange-traded funds or stocks in gold mining companies themselves. Keep in mind that this kind of investment will bear additional transaction fee and will be open to fluctuating markets.