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What is home equity loan?

Are you clear of the concept of home equity loan? Not everyone knows what it really is. I am writing this for everyone who doesn’t have a clear understanding about the home equity loan. Here’s a simple and easy to understand explanation.

A home equity loan is a loan that uses the borrower’s equity to secure the loan. People who take home equity loan must know that they have put their home as a security against the loan. This loan can be used for a variety of purposes and the interest is often tax deductible. Typically, a person takes home equity loans to make home improvements or else, it can be used for other variety of options depending upon the individual situation. The loans are granted at either an adjustable rate or a fixed rate. The repayment plan is kept shorter than your first mortgage payment. As per the statistics, a mortgage may typically take thirty years to pay off while a home equity loan can be paid off within fifteen years.

Some people tend to think that this type of loan is an easy way to solve their financial problems, especially if you are in huge debts. Don’t avoid the fact that when you have taken such kind of loan, you have already risked your home the moment you miss one payment. Think two steps ahead, god forbid, if you really lose your home, where will you live and find shelter? Besides, you also need to be very careful of the institution from which you got the home equity loan. There are many scams around and you need to be cautious before putting your home and money. Make sure you have always read the fine print before the loan is yours.

Weigh all the options that are available to you before you sign on that dotted line. You will be making a wise decision if your loan is an adjustable rate mortgage. You will be benefited when the market rate is high and you are paying a lower interest rate. Before taking the loan, clear with your loan company whether there is any pre-payment penalty. Most companies have some penalties if you decide to pay the loan earlier. They average around two to five years. These penalties can be significant and you may end up losing money in the end if the savings is not more than the money you would be shelling out.