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The Ins and Outs of Hard Money Lenders

If you want to invest in real estate but you don’t have cash, you have to fund your investments through a loan. Bank loans are a possibility, but they require a substantial down payment that can really put a strain on your finances. Most banks require about 20% down, which equates to $20,000 on a $100,000 home. As a real estate investor, you might be interested in any alternative that doesn’t require as significant of a down payment. That is exactly what hard money lenders provide and it’s a great opportunity to get funding for a real estate investments. One alternative to hard money lenders are direct payday lenders but they usually deal in small loans amounts.

Hard money lenders DO charge higher interest rates than banks

Despite what another source may have told you, hard money lenders typically have higher rates than a bank. They use your real estate investment as collateral for the loan, which means it’s a much shorter loan than a traditional bank loan would be. Once you’ve sold the property, your hard money loan would then be paid off in full. The shorter the loan is, the more interest they have to charge you in order to make a profit and that’s why hard money lenders charge the interest rates that they do.

Hard money lenders charge very LITTLE upfront as a down payment

Since hard money lenders provide real-estate backed loans, they have collateral in case the investment doesn’t work out. This is why they are comfortable charging very little upfront. The benefit to you as the buyer is substantial. This means that you won’t have to pay a high down payment like you would with a bank. On a $100,000 home, you might only have to pay $2,000 – $5,000 down with your hard money lender, opposed to the $20,000 that the bank would ask for. Hard money loans are an excellent way to fund your real estate investments without breaking the bank.

Hard money lenders DO hold you liable for what you owe

Unlike a bank where you can sometimes use a short sale or foreclosure process to get out of your loan, a hard money lender is still going to hold you liable. In fact, the property you are buying is used as collateral. If you are unable to sell the home and pay back the loan, your hard money lender can take the home as payment and your loan will be forgiven. This is why hard money lenders never provide loans for higher amounts than the value of the real estate that you are buying.

Hard money loans CAN help you afford renovations

As a real estate investor, you are likely to make your profit by flipping homes and making them more valuable than what you purchased them for. Hard money loans require very little upfront, which means that you will have more money to afford renovations. Some hard money lenders will even provide you with a loan that includes the money you need to complete the remodel. This can be very beneficial to your finances and it can help you flip homes without stressing out about the money that you are spending.

Hard money lenders DO NOT use credit as a determinant for your approval

A hard money lender is very unlikely to use credit as a determinant for your approval. This is unlike banks that have strict policies that they must abide by. Your approval will be based on your income, the property that you are purchasing, and the value of the home. This allows an individual with poor credit or even no credit at all to still qualify for a loan. Additionally, since hard money lenders require such a small down payment, you don’t need much money to get started.

Making money with 0845 numbers

There are many firms in the UK who have been utilizing the benefits of 0845 number and making good profits. 08 series of numbers includes 0845, 0800 and 0844. Sometimes, there are many confusions in the minds of the common people and the business owners about how this number works. So it will be a good idea to understand more about it.

The 0845 numbers can be redirected to a landline or a mobile number.

When the 0845 number is dialed from a landline, the the owner of the 0845 number pays the minutes at a local call rate. The rates can vary from one phone company to another.

Its normally free for the owner of a 0845 number to receive calls if it is redirected to a landline number.

One of the most important reason why almost all the business owners are connecting to a 0845 number is because when the number is redirected to a landline, they can enjoy all the features and benefits that comes in the 08 range number and they don’t have to pay any charges for the incoming call. In the current economic market, it is very important to have a control on your business phone costs.

Nowadays you can run a business from any part of the world. In order to make a good amount of profit, it is important to have more income and less expenses, 0845 number is one of the best ways in terms of saving money and prosper.

The business owners and marketers can use these 0845 non-geographic numbers to track measure the relative effectiveness of different advertising mediums. This tracking system works when a unique 0845 number is put in each printed advertisement or web listing.

Your 0845 number provider should have a system in which you can keep a track of all the calls coming to your unique number. This will help you to determine the volume of calls on each of the 0845 numbers showing up in your advertisements and web listings. In other words you are able to quantify the response from each scrap of advertising that you have.

How to Make Money with Forex Trading

Forex (Foreign Exchange) is a global market with business done via electronic networks or phones by brokers, individuals, and banks 24 hours a day. However, knowing how to make money via Forex trading could require some time. For anyone that would like to learn this money making venue, it will prove to be an addictive and lucrative investment option.

Trading in Forex involves the sale and purchase of foreign currencies. Investors rely on currencies’ up and down values to base their investment goals. For instance, a Forex investor searching for a potential acquisition looks for a currency that is at a low three months average value with appreciation expectations. It works on the same basics as stocks with the general rule to sell high and buy low.

Participating in the Forex market and knowing how to get earnings may be done via various methods and techniques. Some of the usual ways for investors to start making money in Forex trading are listed here.

Know Which Currency Pair to Choose

Forex trading is done via currency pairs. There are four main pairs, which are the USD and Euro (USD/Euro), British Pound and USD (GBP/USD), Swiss Frank and USD (CHF/USD), and Japanese Yen and USD (JPY/USD). In a currency pair, the initial currency functions as a commodity while the second works as money. For example, when the JPY/USD pair is traded, a buy would mean that the Japanese Yen is bought versus the USD. Carefully select currency pairs since it’s a crucial step in Forex trading.

Get Trading Tools

Get the right tools to effectively make money in Forex to handle all transactions and exchanges automatically. For example, search for websites that provide trading software with trend analyzers and chart options to access needed details for wise decision making.

Use Brokerage Firms

Forex has many trained and skilled traders similar to the stock market brokers. Funds placed in a brokerage firm are invested in foreign currencies based on the broker’s experience and judgment. Customers still keep the rights to decide where their funds will be invested and when to withdraw their money.

Do Day Trading

Selling and buying the same foreign currency pair on a daily basis, called day trading, is the riskiest form of Forex trading. However, it also provides the biggest market returns. Fully understanding trading guidelines and market conditions are necessary for this type of trading. Watching current news such as political, economical, and social events of the desired currency’s country is advised.

People can make money and be successful as a Forex trader with all the online tools and options available. Many investors even use the Forex market as their main source of income. A Forex venture is similar to gambling in its risks, but with discipline, high returns can be achieved and sustained.

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Make Sure You’re Saving Lots of Money

No matter how much money you make, there’s no reason to waste any of it. But that’s exactly what you’re doing if you’re not saving lots of money by using money-saving tricks and tips.

A good place to start finding out about ways you can save money is a price comparison site. These sites let you compare the cost of a wide range of products and services you use every day.

Take insurance, for example. You are likely to spend a couple thousand dollars a year on life insurance, home insurance, auto insurance and other forms of insurance. Finding the lowest-priced insurance by using a comparison website could save you hundreds of dollars a year. You can compare life cover quotes to save money on life insurance or compare quotes on auto insurance. If you compare life cover quotes and find a policy and price you like, a price comparison website also may be able to help you get additional discounts by adding other policies with the same company and getting a multipolicy discount.

One way most people can save lots of money is to examine their spending and cut down on things they don’t need to buy. An easy thing to cut is lunches and dinners out. If you eat out every day, take your lunch instead and you could save a couple thousand dollars a year. Cut out that latte every day, and you could save another thousand. Other easy ways to save are bundling Internet, TV and phone services to get discounts, reading newspapers and magazines online instead of buying them, and borrowing books and movies from the library instead of paying for them.

Do you really need that gym membership? If you live somewhere warm, you can run or bike outside to get your daily exercise. Even if you don’t, if you invest in some exercise equipment, it will likely only take you a year or two to break even compared to the cost of a gym membership, and then you can start saving money.

You might not think about saving money while you are spending money, but there are tons of ways to do so. Use coupons whenever you go to the grocery store, and buy things in bulk when they go on sale. Pay for everyday things such as gas and groceries with a rewards credit card and then pay off the bill every month to avoid finance charges.

Another way to save money on the money you spend is to make sure you get the best rates on loans. Shop around for the best rates on car and home loans, using price comparison websites as one resource, and if interest rates drop, don’t hesitate to refinance loans to save money on your monthly payments.

How Do I Make Money on the Internet?

People have always a question on how to make money from home that means through internet. Here I am sharing a video which will tell you how to make money on the internet.

Learn ways to manage your money

With the growing number of bankruptcies, mortgage foreclosures and rising prices, it’s very important to know useful ways of managing personal finance. Recent statistics show that many people can manage their finance very nicely if they keep their expenses within their income. But unfortunately, many people are not aware of the ways to do it and don’t know how to recover once they have overextended themselves.

Personal money management is not a one step process. It’s not just enough to have your budget in place or keep a check on your checking account. You need to follow set guidelines that cover several aspects of money management. The basic of the process are discussed below.

  • Set Your Goal

Most people think that their objectives are accomplished if they have planned their retirement and college for their kids. These are very important goals but they are just the beginning. You have to think about what you and your family need in future and make financial decisions on that basis. This may include keeping money aside for an annual vacation, repairing your car or purchasing a home in the future.

  • Find Out Where You Stand Now

You have to have a complete understanding of your total income and expenses. Prepare your monthly budget on a piece of paper and stick to it. Give a detailed description of your bills and expenses in one column and your total income in the other column. Add up everything and see if your expenses are lower than your income. You will know at a glance if you are going through any money problems or it might come unexpectedly in the near future.

  • Develop a Budget You Can Live With

Budget sample forms are available very easily and most of them turn out to be very effective. Many people maintain 50 different categories of expense items but it’s important that you know how to manage it. It’s better to have less number of categories of expenses and have all your attention on it when you have your paycheck.

  • Cut Expense in Every Budget Category You Can

There are hundred different ways to cut your expenses without changing your lifestyle. For example, if you are using several mobile phones, you can stop them from using and stick to one phone only. This way you can reduce a certain percentage of your expenses and use it for other important purposes. There are many tips available on the internet for those who don’t know how to get started.

  • Set Up a Debt Repayment Plan

A large number of people are losing their hard earned money just in interest charges and late and over limit fees. Your main priority should be to eliminate all the debts from the past and do it at the earliest. By following the process of snowballing, you can pay off your debts much earlier and save a lot of money that could have gone just in interests and fees.

Snowballing is the process where you add up all the amounts having the minimum payments and choose one bill to add extra money to the payment until it is paid in full. Then you can take that extra portion of money and the payment you were making on bill 1 and add it to the next bill and so on. You don’t have to stress by putting a higher amount. Just adding $25 will pay down your bill much faster because the amount in the bill is not going to be the same until paid off.

  • Know Your Credit

You need to have your credit in good standing before applying for a loan. If your scores aren’t good, you will have to pay higher interest rates and it’s the opposite if your scores are better. Get a copy of your credit report and know how your credit looks like before you shop with any lender.

  • Look For More Sources of Income

If you are not able to cover all your expenses from your paycheck, look for different ways to earn money and make your life comfortable. Everyone has specific talents. Use your skills and you will realize that people are ready to pay for the product or services that you can offer.

Once you know the art of managing money, you will have perfect control over any financial problems that may arise in the future. You might even be surprised that the solutions were never far away from you.

Is there a fine line between being frugal and being cheap?

Is there any sharp line that distinguishes people from being frugal and being cheap? Are these the two sides of the same coin? Well, in my opinion, I don’t think they are. I have met people from all grounds and I have seen people who are frugal but not cheap, and on the other side, people who are cheap but not frugal. I met a girl when I was in my law school. She always followed the absolute rule of not going to the ATM. She took out $40 in the beginning of the week and that was the maximum amount that she will spend in the whole week. At first, I used to admire her kind of approach towards sticking to the strict budgeting principles. Later, I came to know the character flaw behind it. When we went out as a group to have pizza, and she was down to her last $2, I was curious to know whether she declined to go further with us. Nope. She went out with us for the outing. When we had our food and the check came, we divided each of our share as $5. This girl offered the $2 only that she had. The rest of us made the difference. Now, my question is was she both frugal and cheap? Or was she just cheap through and through, both with herself and with others?

During those days, I was in touch with another guy who was saving every penny that he had for the studies in the law school, and he rarely bought more than a hot dog at the corner vendor for his lunch. But when he used to go out with the group, he used to pay more than his fair share. He is successful now and doesn’t’ usually eat hot dogs, but he still believes in saving money even today. He will buy a used furnace from a neighbor rather than get a new one, but he will never act as cheap when he is with others. He is one of the nicest guys I had known so far.

I get pissed off with those types of people who are cheap in the name of frugality. A cheap person will ignore the fact that a ten-dollar meal, after tax and tip, is more than the ten-dollar share and his friends had to pay the rest of the balance because of his tight-fisted ness. In the end, this kind of personality flaw is not about the money. It’s a sign of deep lack of character and this has an affect on the overall personality. The most important thing that is really missing is the

I really admire frugal people and I wish that I can be like one of them. They are the ones with all the good tips on travel discounts. These are those kinds of people who are never afraid of buying used things. When I am out with such type of people who show their care towards me, they will never let my wallet go astray because they are watchful of other people’s money as they are of their own. Truly frugal people are really generous. Remember, the other girl who was with me in the law school and I was talking about her above; she is still not well balanced in her life and she has taken wrong decisions with her money. The more important thing is that she really doesn’t have any friends who can trust on her. Life!!

Common relationship between bank failures and private money lenders

Due to the recent economic crisis, there has been a tremendous greed and competition to attract more customers between different banks and the lending institutions. This can be a great opportunity for the new homeowners to make a good investment.

While credit from the bank has dried up, there are so many private money lenders who are looking for some opportunities to invest their money. In today’s market of economic crisis, real estate can generate extra ordinary returns for the investor and their private lenders.

The simple reason is buyers who are backed by their money lenders can literally name their price. They can avail deep discounts of 20% to 40% of the market value. The investors can further sell that house to the homeowners at a great discount and still make hefty profits.

Wouldn’t it be exciting if you knew the secrets of getting private money from anyone? How to get money from Friends, family, private investors, funds?


For family and friends, their consideration is influenced by their investing experience with CD’s or the stock market. So, for private investors who are friends or family, consider offering returns of 10% or higher. On the other hand, private lenders of high net worth (like angel investors) regularly look for investments with much higher returns. To be at all interested, they would expect returns of 15% or higher.

Wouldn’t it be even better, if you could borrow private money without having to make regular interest payments? Then consider offering instead of interest, an equity share-a percent of the profits. And if the private lender does want regular payments, you can use mixed funding. That is, offer low monthly interest payments supplemented with an “equity kicker”. So the investor can supplement his yield by receiving a share of the profits.

Educating teenagers about saving money

When your children are young, you often wish to buy things for them that they need or want. But when they become teenagers, they may demand something and it’s always not possible to buy that item. As a parent, it is very important to teach your children about saving money and make them understand the importance of it. When your children become teenagers, it seems like their demand increases and so does the price. They still believe that you have all that money to buy items of their choice as and when they demand.

Make your children understand the importance of having a job when they grow young. They will get to know the real value of their hard earned money. There are many part time jobs like mowing lawns, shovel sidewalks, or babysitting. At first, they may want to spend everything that they earned in their part time job, but slowly you need to make them understand the importance of savings.

It is important to teach the children that they should save money for their future. You should know the importance of saving money then only you will able to teach this lesson to your children. When your children grow young, the first thing that you should do for them is to open a savings account for them with a bank so that they can put in their own money into the account and start savings.

You should also give some budgeting tips to your children. They may be able to save a lot of money through proper budgeting. Take a look at all their bills and paychecks so that you can guide them. Teaching children about saving money may sound quite difficult in the beginning but you need to do this to assure them a better future.

It may happen that someday your son’s car got broke and he needed some money for repairing it. At that time, if he has some savings in his account, he will not need to ask any money from you and that will be the day he will thank you deeply. They will also be thankful when they are grown, married, and have their own kids and need buy when they will be buying their first house.

How to make money at home using a computer from anywhere in the world

The cost of doing a business on the internet is much lower than any other business in the world. There is an unlimited potential in starting the web business. You can earn a lot of money by starting an affiliate marketing business. In this kind of business, you sell goods and products of someone else and get a commission.

In doing the business of affiliate marketing, you don’t need to have any possession of inventory, sign no contracts to sell a certain amount of volume, and there is no legal binding obligation to sell anything. By sitting at almost anywhere, you can sell others products from anywhere using a computer and having an internet connection. All shipping and customer service is taken care by the host company whose products you are selling. It seems to be the best business model ever to be introduced in the world.

When you are doing the affiliate marketing for some other company, you will be given a unique identification number so that your sales can be tracked when come people come to your website and click on a specific link that will show the product of that company. If the customer purchases their product, you earn a commission. There is no cost in distributing the links on any website. They are not your direct boss and you are not their direct employee. This is a unique kind of business that can be done from anywhere. If you want to earn in millions, you have to work hard for it in the beginning. Later you will get used to it. You will experience the freedom and self-empowerment that you will not have achieved anywhere else.