Sell your cosmetic products in Valve Aerosol Cans

Looking to start your own business in cosmetics? One of the most important aspects of starting a cosmetic business is manufacturing a good product. The product not only includes the material used to make the cosmetics but also includes the packaging. Without good packaging, your product will be incomplete.  Read on to find details of not only a user-friendly but also an eco-friendly packaging option for your cosmetics.

Bag on Valve Aerosol Cans

Bag on Valve (BoV) aerosol packaging is a convenient, eco-friendly and user-friendly technology which is being used to replace the traditional aerosol cans. BoV aerosol cans are not only better at dispensing the products than the regular aerosol cans but also because of their packaging method, they play a big role in reducing our ecological footprint.

Bag on Valve aerosol packaging can be used for various cosmetics such as lotions, deodorants, shower gel, facial wash, body spray, hand & body creams/lotions, facial mist, shampoo, sun care and other body care products.

Why should you switch to Valve Aerosol Cans?

Aerosols are tiny solid particles as well as liquid droplets, whose quantities exist in millions in the air that we breathe. So where do these aerosols come from into the atmosphere? Aerosols are created through natural as well as man-made activities. Natural sources of aerosols include volcanic emissions and soil dust amongst other natural sources. Whereas, man-made aerosols are mostly emitted by products like spray paint, hair spray, insecticides, deodorants, whipped cream and many more similar spray containers.

Due to their negative impact on the ozone layer, a ban on chlorofluorocarbons in aerosols was implemented by the US government in 1995. However, the aerosols we use today still contain chemicals which add to global warming and air pollution. Aerosol cans have other negative properties as well. They are extremely flammable which can prove to be very dangerous as they can lead to accidental explosions and fires.

Benefits of using Bag-on-valve aerosol cans

Bag-on-valve aerosol cans have various benefits, some of which include:-

  1. They can be sprayed evenly at all angels
  2. They provide up to 99% product emptying
  3. They have a longer shelf life
  4. They are inflammable hence ensure higher safety
  5. They use Eco-friendly air or nitrogen
  6. They are suitable for both liquid and viscous products
  7. They are Hygienic and Serializable

Where can you get your own Bag on Valve aerosol cans?

To find a green alternative to aerosols which are 100% recyclable you can visit Signature Filling Company, which is a bag-on-valve contract filling company. You can be assured that zero harmful propellants will be emitted into the atmosphere while using these BoV aerosol cans. The company also sources all the materials required in case you want to make your own BoV aerosol cans.

By using BoV’s you can now start your own cosmetic business without worrying, and by making this small change, you will be helping to make a big difference for the environment!

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