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Save your money on balance transfer

Credit card industry shows a boom period between November through February. This is the time when almost every credit card company will give variety of offers to attract large number of consumers. They will do endless marketing to target the new customers, besides trying to keep their existing customers on the roll.

The balance transfer option seems to be on the high during this period. You can easily get a check that offers 0% interest. If this is not available, you always have the option to transfer your balance at a decent interest rate between 3.99% to 6% and no balance transfer fees incurred. You may get a good deal from the various options depending upon what you have decided to do.

Let’s show an example to explain how this balance transfer sounds to be beneficial. If you were to use a balance transfer check with 3.99% interest and a fee of 3% of your total amount to pay off a credit card or loan with 11% interest rate, you are always going to save more money if the borrowed amount is higher. With the lower interest rate on the balance transfer, your monthly payments will mostly go towards the principal amount since the interest rate is much lower than the previous loan at highest interest rate. Make sure that you don’t default on your payments otherwise you will end up falling into the same situation you were in.

Balance transfer checks can be easily available to the consumers at low or no interest rates. Once you have got the balance transfer check deposited into your checking account, you can easily pay all your other debts that are costing you more money just in highest interest rates.

Sometimes, these balance transfer checks seem to be more helpful for people who are able to take care of their existing debts and use the amount of money saved towards other investment or plan a major purchase.

Other good deals that you can get from the low or no interest balance transfer check is the buy now, pay later holiday package. Who does not love to go out for a vacation?? Deposit the balance transfer check into your checking account and you can easily use that money to finance your holiday package. If you are getting a zero percent interest rate, then you cannot ask for anything better, otherwise you would have done the same purchase by your credit card at higher interest rate. By putting the balance transfer check into your checking account, you are not only saving your money on interests, but you get additional time to pay back. This means that you are not putting too much strain on your wallet.

Another good use of a balance transfer check is to utilize the money towards home improvement. Deposit the balance transfer check into your checking account and then use the money to renovate or repair your home.

Just keep in mind that the balance transfer scheme will work perfectly in your case if you are making the monthly payments on time. The moment you default in your payments, you won’t be able to avail the 0 % or low interest rate on the balance transfer. You not only lose this good opportunity but your repayments will add up with highest interest rates and fees.