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Why Office Design Matters (And Will Continue To)

What creates the first impression with a client (before you get the chance too) is your office space. Before they listen to your brilliant product, they see where you work from. The question to ask here is that what type of impression is getting created.

The client, along with interacting with you and the employees, will also absorb the office space along with the furnishings, the paintings on the wall, and the way it’s been structured and designed.

Talking about employees, they’re spending a good chunk of their day working from the office. Is it inspiring enough? Does it convey what the organization stands for? Does it have an identity of its own?

These question, although tough, must be answered. Mainly because the answers go a long way in establishing identity and impression of the organization in a stakeholder’s head.

We think office design matters a lot. And here’s our top 3 reasons why:

1) The way you design an office tells about your vision

Office design is more than just about where to place the furniture or what painting will go on the wall. It’s about what the organization stands for, and where is it going. It’s about what sort of culture a particular organization wants to set.

The fact of the matter is that everything in your office including that small table will add to the ambiance of the place and what your business stands for. The right design, believe it or not, has the power to express your vision for the organization in a way that’s accurate and amazing.

2) The office design influences Employees Directly

In this growing economy, many people actually end up spending more hours in the office than at home. So for them to continuously work for the organization, it’s crucial to provide a set-up that’s both productive and inspiring. The right office chair type might sound like a frivolous topic to discuss, but it’s not. Someone’s going to sit on that for long hours and if you want him/her to give their best — the chair better be comfortable for sitting.

3) Color matters. More than you think it does.

According to some credible psychology researchers, the colors have a direct impact on an employee’s productivity and how performs a task. As an instance — it is believed that shades of blue and green enhance the performance while performing any work. On the other hand, red is said to improve attention to detail. These are not just hypothesis. There are actually top companies (Google, Microsoft, Facebook) who’re using the sensibilities of color to drive a particular type of behavior.


On the whole, interior designing of an office is a crucial decision that’ll affect all the stakeholders either positively or negatively. So if you work with professional interior designers like the one at https://www.pondco.com — you’ll benefit immensely in both the short and the long term.

Find Venue for any purposes

Finding a venue for important occasions like marriage, birthday party, or office conference is an important decision to take. A lot of things depends on the space where you are going to organize the event and whether it will be a successful one or not. People who will come at the event will predict a lot of things looking at the venue. In today’s busy schedules, everyone cannot visit each and every venue in person, especially if you or your organization is traveling for this occasion. Here, an online venue finder will be of tremendous help. You will save a good amount of money and valuable time if you can select your venue online itself. Here are few important things to consider when you use an online venue finder effectively.

Whether you are looking for a place for a marriage, birthday party, office conference or for any other occasion, it is important to know what you want and your needs before you start your search for the location. You should decide your venue depending on the number of people invited, the events that you are going to organize, and the type of set up you want have planned for. If you have thought about putting a screen in this venue, then you need to arrange it accordingly. If this is a function to celebrate, then your guests will need a large space to dance and sing; and if it is for some office purpose, where your guests will sit and take notes or use their laptop, then so much space won’t required.

You can discuss with your office colleagues, possible attendees, and loved ones in preparing your dream list. The beauty of the venue finder is that it is a great first step in finding the most perfect location.

Take the help of an online venue finder to explore all your options in or outside of your community. With the help of this resource, you can find almost any kind of space in which you feel interested. Perhaps, you will find many places about which you have not heard before. The right location or the space is a key piece of any event. Do your homework and be very specific about your requirements so that you are able to find the right venue with the help of an online venue finder.

The Time Efficient Payroll Support

While a payroll system might be one of a business’s most important functions, it can also be one of its most expensive. Good payroll systems keep the wheels of industry turning within your workplace, and not only do they ensure that your staff get paid on time, but they can also be used to manage your company’s accounts.

In addition to the expense, keeping a good, accurate and efficient payroll service can be extremely time consuming and, when it comes to business, time is money. There are, however, a number of tips you can follow to reduce the impact on the company coffers and the hours you spend on making your system work.

1) The best thing you can do is get to grips with technology. Payroll software turns a manual task into an automated and streamlined system, leaving minimum chance of human error. Most companies use payroll software, reducing the time and money spent on maintaining the service. In addition, good payroll software will have other functions, allowing you to keep a tab on the accounts at the click of a mouse and merge all your databases to gain an easy-to-read overview of your company’s spending. That’s going to be vital when it comes to deciding whether to implement pay rises or when streamlining might be appropriate. You don’t have to have an accountancy background to use one, as all the jargon is removed, meaning that even if you’re a one-man band, they can be simple to use.

2) Break it down to the basics. Many SME owners make the mistake of initially trying to include every detail in their systems. That’s fine if you’re using payroll software, but a real headache if you’re trying to do it manually! If you’re using the latter method, then try and keep the system as simple as possible. This will be reflected in your business policies, such as how the company approaches paid time off, attendance issues, commission and reimbursed expenses. Make your policies as simple as you can to begin with; there’s plenty of time to add further detail as you grow later on.

3) With cheques being slowly phased out, you might as well stay ahead of the game. Many businesses use electronic payment systems such as BACS to pay their employees. Much like payroll software, it means you can call up details of payments to staff and suppliers relatively quickly. However, unlike payroll software, it won’t allow you to track your company’s spending behaviour, but it will make your accounting a bit easier. In addition, eschewing paper in favour of technology can save you some cash. The Office for National Statistics estimates that businesses can save around £100 per year by using electronic payment methods rather than the company chequebook.

A good payroll system is vital to keeping on top of the financial aspects of your business and for keeping your employees happy. In order to make sure yours is time efficient, you’ll need to embrace technology, good planning and a little common sense.

0800 Freephone numbers for your business

You can have your customers reach you over the phone at a very economical price no matter which part of the world they are calling from. You can give them a non-geographic phone number and they will be in touch with your customer care department. If you choose 0333 numbers, a person from anywhere in the UK will reach you at the price of a standard phone call. 0333 are also often referred to as “Freephone numbers for mobile phone callers” as they are cheap to call to from mobile phones. Such number is perfect for Not-for-profit organizations or charities. This will be a very inexpensive way to promote the good will of your company.

Another number many businesses opt for is a 0844 phone number; the caller is charged about 1p to 5p per minute which allows your business to earn a rebate for each incoming call. That can be a good way to save costs. However, that might not be the best number for a customer oriented business. In that case it may be a good idea to check out freephone 0800 numbers which are absolutely free to call to from landlines. This number is mainly used to encourage customers to call you. This is a perfect number to use if you are into some marketing or sales campaign.

0800If you already have a business and are thinking to change your contact phone number to a free phone number, you must check your business model and see if this will be the right move for you. Since its free for the customers to call you, it will be an added expense along with the outgoings, but if it is increasing your sales, then it will be a justified move in terms of your sales. According to the research done by the Institute of Direct Marketing, it was found that the 0800 freephone numbers increase the sales and inquiries by almost 185%.

It is important to know that when you are dialing a free phone number from your cell phone, there is a charge and it varies depending on your mobile network. The company still wants you to call at their 0800 freephone number because they want to create an image showing that they care for you and can call them anytime. This gives you an added advantage over your competitors who do not have this freephone number.

You can easily set up a 0800 freephone number for your business and most creditable providers provide useful call handling services with every number. Now you don’t have to install any equipments and kits to route your calls to your staff. You can use the 0800 phone number on your phone through an instant virtual switchboard that can be easily controlled. It is a very good option for both small and large businesses and the set up is also very easy.

Your phone company will give you complete control over your number and an online management tool that will help you in controlling and monitoring your calls. You will be able to use features like call queuing, multi level IVR, call whisper, set up hunt groups and divert your calls to mobile or voice mail. All these features on the freephone number makes it a great tool for small business. It is very important to be in direct contact with your customers as it has a direct impact on the growth of your business.

For more information visit: http://www.telecomsworldplc.co.uk/numbers/0800/

How business storage can be beneficial for your company?

There are self storage facilities available for people who are moving to different house. It can be an easy and quick solution to those people who want to store their furniture for an interim period. Nowadays, many companies are realizing the benefits of storage and it can provide solutions both long-term and short-term.

  • Security of valuable items :

If a company has some valuable stock, their main concern will be the security of these items. It will be more risky if there is too much robbery in your area. In a storage unit, no one will come to know what is stored in that place and therefore it will reduce a lot of stress of the companies. These storage units are locked with the state of the art security system providing added security.

  • Storing documents :

When you are running a business throughout the year, it is for sure that there will be thousands and thousands of important and confidential documents and it should be stored in a secured place. When you are storing huge number of contracts, invoices, accounts books and other official documents round the year, then their storage will be a big concern. Many businesses prefer to keep previous years’ documents in a business storage. This way the office won’t get cluttered and most importantly, they can access the storage area at any point of time. Now it will be easier for the company to focus on other important aspects and they wont have to worry about the safety of the documents or lack of space.

  • Reducing the size of your company:

Over the last few years, many companies had to downsize their premises in order to survive. There were companies who had to take places on rent so that they can save some money every year. Shifting of different things from bigger area to smaller area can be a big trouble. Instead of squeezing everything to a limited space, business storage will allow many companies to hold on to their excess stock and office equipments off the premises. This way everyone will be able to work in a safe and clutter-free environment.

  • Expanding the size of your company :

While some companies had to reduce their size and strength, there were other companies who were lucky enough to find that they were growing and hence needed more space. It may be tough at times to find the right location on rent, hence storage unit will be the ideal solution to store new stocks and office equipments.

Robust customer support through the new 0333 Telephone numbers

Any business will go through a huge loss if there is a communication breakdown. Your business will attract customers based on your products and prices and what they prefer, but you keep your clientele through service.

0333 NumbersOne very vital aspect of providing good service to your customers is by providing robust customer support. It is very important to have an online connection with your customers through internet. They should be able to get answers to all their queries through email or by phone. A majority of the people will prefer to talk on the phone and get their queries resolved instantly. And they don’t want to pay a lot of money for such calls.

You can have your customers reach you over the phone at a very economical price no matter they are calling from which part of the world. You can give them a non-geographic phone number and they will be in touch with your customer care department. If you choose 0333 numbers, a person from anywhere in the UK will reach you at the price of a standard phone call. When you choose a 0844 phone number, the caller won’t have to pay any charges at all. This will be a very inexpensive way to promote the good will of your company.

With the help of the new numbers, you will be able to get a lot of new customers. The variety of choices in 0333 or 0844 numbers affords a tremendous advantage to businesses. The phone number that you choose for your customers to dial should be very easy to remember. Many potential customers will see your advertisement on the television or heat it on the radio and they will want to call you asking for more information. You want to have a number for your business that they can easily remember and it does not get written down, especially when you are driving. This way you won’t lose the calls of your clients. These 0333 or 0844 phone numbers can be easily routed to your land line through VOIP.

Once you are in contact with your customers, you can give them feedback, support or expertise requested. With a very good customer support, you can always draw in new clients and do business with them. A good communication is very important for your business to do well.

Bank Sales Strategies – 4 keys to retain small business customers

Due to high level of dissatisfaction with many banks, many customers are willing to take their business elsewhere and shift to other banks. Here are 4 no fail strategies that can be used by individual business bankers in retaining small businesses and their owners as customers.

  • Strategy 1 : Attract the right customers.

Line salespeople are the ones who have the highest opportunity to attract the right small business customers. You need to establish your criteria on what kind business banking you are looking for, whether they are good fit for the products and services offered by you? Who will be most beneficial from the value offered by you? Once you know the answer to these questions, then you can pursue the prospects that fits to your criteria. Referrals are of very high value in this process.

  • Strategy 2 : On board small business customers thoroughly.

Once you find the right customers, get to know them properly and see what ticks their goals and strategies, plan for their future, challenges that they are facing etc. you need to offer them sticky products like online bill payment etc which will be used by the customers.

You need to build up a lot of trust an demonstrate interest and enthusiasm among your customers. You should call your customers four to six times in year and bring new business ideas, business insight, and information on how small business customers can run their business better with proper cash management. You can also include the business owners, their families and their employees.

  • Strategy 3 : Provide enough reasons to them so that they stay.

Small business customers will be happy to stay with you and your bank as long as they are happy with your services, getting the real value and feel bonded to you. You should frequently ask them about their expectations in banking with you and going beyond their expectations. Proper strategies must be developed for this and execute it consistently. More value can be added to the relationship by engaging them in strategic dialogue and to build their business proactively. It is a good idea to bond with your small business customers through shared activities and other networks. And finally make an emotional relationship with them by aligning yourself with your customers’ core values and beliefs.

  • Strategy 4 : Problems to be fixed at the earliest.

Whenever your customers face a problem, your goal should be to solve it as soon as possible. If it cannot be solved within a day, then you must share the progress report with your customer so that they know about your actions. Throughout the process, you should always interact with your customers and not to keep them in the dark.

Start up finance for your new business

The most important thing that comes to mind when you are going to start up your own business is how to arrange the start up business finance. There are lots of funding options available, which are mainly categorized under debt finance or equity finance.

60% – 70% of all new business ventures usually visit their local banks making the first attempt to arrange funds. When you take a loan from a bank to start your business, it comes under debt finance. This type of loan has to be typically repaid back at an agreed interest rate on the principal amount. Banks give out the loans to the borrowers by keeping their asset as collateral. If the business fails and the borrower is unable to repay the loan, the bank can then claim the asset.

When you have taken the loan from the bank as a debt finance, you become locked into a tight payment schedule and this can often be a problem for the small businesses when they are not able to generate more income than expenses during a period. There are also some other forms of debt finance which have started to gain popularity in the small business sector, such as credit card and leasing. The term leasing refers to the borrowing of money to buy specific equipment or machinery. In this case, the borrower works out repayment arrangements with the store from where the equipment is purchased.

Remember, when you chose the debt finance method for your business, you are mainly borrowing against your reserves rather then giving someone ownership of your shares. Therefore, always keep in mind on the aspect of funding that is right for your business. Don’t take loan from anywhere when you are sure of not able to repay back on the specified terms. Now, if you are in such a situation, you will think how to start the business. To answer this predicament, I bring to your attention, equity finance.

Equity finance is often taken as being risky capital, however it has been the savior of many small/new businesses who are either turned down for a bank loan or can’t keep up with the monthly repayments.

In equity type of financing, there is no guarantee for the investor that if he puts his money, he will get his money back. The big advantage however is that the money that is invested into your business from equity finance never has to be repaid. Those who have invested money into your business are well aware of the risk capital in return for a growth share of your business profit.

The investors will provide you the money that is needed for your business and to cover all aspects of the start up costs such as rent, purchasing of equipment and staff wages as well as making payments of your utility bills for the first few months.

Make sure that you have planned about your business venture in the proper manner and you know well in advance how much money will be needed to start up the business. You don’t want to increase your debt to income ratio in the coming days because of bad decisions.