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Ways to get your current car insurance changed to cheap car insurance

There are many of us who are paying high premiums on their current car insurance and are searching for cheaper deals. The list below will help you in obtaining cheap car insurance, not only in terms of quality but one that easy on your wallet also. Go through your savings thoroughly and while searching for a new car insurance policy, or to change the existing plan, this list will come handy.

Most of the new cars come with theft devices. Some cars have automated devices while others have to be started at the touch of a button. If you have this facility in your car, then you don’t have to pay high premiums to the insurance company for theft protection.

If you are getting insurance for more than two cars, you can pay the same price as insuring for one. If it is not the same price, then you should not have to pay the same price to the insurance company on getting the insurance for the first one. Check with your insurance agent while getting your online insurance quote and make sure that you get some discount on the insurance of the second car.

While choosing the payment tenure of your premiums, always insist on making payments on a yearly basis. This will extend your savings on your car insurance. Purchasing a yearly policy instead of a six month policy gives you a rate that cannot be changed for one year vs. changing every six months.

While getting the online insurance quote, look for the comprehensive coverage during the storage time, just in case if you have to store your car for a definite period of time. You will save more on your car insurance by only keeping comprehensive coverage during the storage time, because it is very unlikely you car will meet with any kind of possible collision or need the liability coverage.

Keep checking your mileage. This is a great way to get cheap car insurance. If the distance between your office to work is very short, it is going to affect the cost of the insurance policy.

You can get group discounts on your car insurance if you are a part of certain organizations like, credit unions, college sororities, or just having a certain credit card. Check with your insurance company for the list of organizations they are affiliated with

Many car insurance companies will charge you a fee for mailing payments, but this service will become absolutely free if you authorize automatic debits from your checking or savings account, or you can make payments by a credit card also.