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Speed dating franchise opportunities

There are always some success stories when people involve in the business of franchising. There is this romantic story about Phil Seth and Nikki Hance who share their franchise success story. They were in love for sometime and suddenly their love took a twist and they had to get married to someone else. After a few years when they were in their forties, they suddenly met each other and suddenly found they were single again after many years of marriage and with 6 children between them. They soon realized this fact that meeting compatible people was not as simple at it was when they were younger. Now they discovered something new and that’s speed dating.

Phil 46 and Nikki 42, met through national dating company when the music stops 2 years ago at a speed dating event and have been in love ever since then. Love is still in the air for the people over 40’s. But it’s a love story with a twist as Nikki and Phil recently came back to when the music stops to buy the Hertfordshire/Buckinghamshire franchise.

According to Phil, such kind of Franchise Opportunities bring people together after a long time when they will never meet either because of geographical differences, domestic issues or a lack of a opportunity. He never believed that speed dating can find a soul mate. They are also a great way of getting out, having some fun and meeting new people. Speed dating has definitely worked for Phil because he was able to find his partner Nikki.

Nikki said that she has other friends in similar situations like hers and they find it so hard to get time for them after taking care of the family and children. If they are able to go out and meet some new people, it is often difficult to find the right person. Nikki went to the speed dating events with a friend and it was quite nerve wracking for her. She had a lot of fun and now she found her love Phil through speed dating.

The potential of UK franchise opportunities, especially speed dating is so great that Niki and Phil decided to open a dating franchise of their own. They started sending invitations to people and organizing dinner parties, singles party nights, walks and other organized events especially for the singles and the couples. They also offered elite personal introductions services for those looking for a more personalized service and online dating.

Niki and Phil are excited about being able to bring people together in this busy life. They were able to make people meet in the same way as they met before. Dating events have really worked well for Nikki and Phil and now they would like to help others meet their potential future partners.

Out of all the UK Franchise Opportunities, Nikki and Phil researched this market very carefully and realized it was growing at a steady rate as marriages and long term partnerships were breaking too fast. Looking at the Franchise Opportunities, finding venues is relatively easy and a good event can generate hundreds of pounds a night in profits.

How to find best franchise opportunities

It can be a tough task to find out the best franchise opportunities on the internet. There are many franchise opportunities present in the market. Franchising is one of the most effective forms of business that you should go for, but the problem is out of many opportunities where to look?

As there are many franchise opportunities so it is very important to choose the appropriate one. First of all you should sit down and put together a plan of action before doing a research. You should think about the industry where you want to start your business. It is always better to go to the industry which you know better or worked earlier and have interest in. Choosing the area to buy a franchise is the most important decision that you make because you can’t come out after signing the franchise agreement.

After deciding the appropriate industry for your franchise the next step should be to look at the following areas: franchise fees, total investment required, number of currently franchised units, years in business etc. You should be honest with yourself. I mean to say that if you don’t have sufficient fund to take a franchise which is more costly then change your mind to a low cost franchise.

Finding the best franchise opportunities for your business is a hard task and it may take months or even years to find the true and best franchise for you to invest in. The most important thing is that you must love your business and it can be in any area, then only you can be successful in your goal.