Ways to boost your credit score

Having a good credit score takes a lot of work. Building a good credit score is a process and will take time especially if it is not in your favor. Fortunately, there are things that could be done to boost this important number. Of course there are cases like bankruptcy and foreclosure that is hard to get by. If you credit score is around 500, this will take time to rebuild. Sometimes it is possible to fix the small dents in your credit history so it will be easier to apply for a loan from a top San Francisco mortgage broker.

  • Correct mistakes on credit report. This is said to be the most important thing to do. Acquire copies of credit report. Stated on law, you are entitled to get a free copy every year. Take time to go through each and check for any errors related to payments or credit limits. Any inaccurate entries should be disputed. You should send them a letter along with supporting documents. This is done around 30 days.

  • Paying down large credit. Having too much debt can affect your credit and it will lower down credit score. A way to correct this is by paying down your debt. As we all know, a person incur debt because they don’t have ability to pay. However look at savings or funds that can help you pay down huge debt. This is helpful if you are applying for mortgage.
  • Divide debt on various credit cards. Even if your debt is not that big, it will hurt if you have a lot of balance in a single credit card. It is ideal if you don’t use more than 20% of credit limit. If you have a card with high balance, try using other cards. There are balance transfers program offered by credit cards. Utilize your options.
  • Beg your creditors. This can actually be done. There are some creditors who are willing to withdraw items from credit report. This is true if you have been good customer. You can request for goodwill adjustment. You can get creditors to withdraw small items which can in turn give your credit a boost.
  • Negotiate. There are cases when credit score is lowered when you have dispute with creditor. Negotiate with them a non report of your situation after settling with them the amount. They will do this because they will rather be paid than reporting to credit bureaus.

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